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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

PDIP at the 73th of GP Ansor


PDIP at the 73th of GP Ansor

Summit Ceremony of the 73th Birthday Gerakan Pemuda Ansor last night is so shine. General Chairman of GP Ansor Saifullah Yusuf meet Wakil Presiden Jusuf Kalla and PDIP figure Taufiq Kiemas at that ceremony.

Saifullah explicity again that he is welcome to be reshuffled from the Indonesia Bersatu Cabinet. That Former Minister Development of Left behind Region (PDT) said that Ansor still commit to support the government until next 2.5 years.

"If the government is good, the society will also take the benefit from it. If the government fails, we will find another President," said Saiful following by the clap of Kalla, Taufiq Kiemas, and about 500 invited.

That former president assistant is appreciates Kalla for several times. According to Saiful, in Kalla’s hands there are so many complex problem become simple problem and the finishing is clear. But in the same time must be understood that there are still so many unsolved problem.

The reason to invite Kalla, said by Saiful, is because while Kalla in his position as Coordinator Minister of People’s Welfare, Kalla came to Ansor. At that time Ansor’s Building did not finished. "Pak Kalla at that time donates IDR 50 million, he installs it for four times," said Saiful.

"This is the first time for Pak Taufiq to come here. However, when Ibu Mega in her position as a president and a vice president her donation is also come to Ansor. The promised but never arrive is the donation from Rokhmin Dahuri (former fishing and sea minister)," he continued.

The meet of Kalla and Kiemas is a historical momentum. Those two figures of the biggest political party in Indonesia never meet in one stage. Kiemas come first with General Secretary of DPP PDIP Pramono Anung and the chairman of FPDIP Tjahjo Kumolo. Kalla is accompanied by the Chairman of DPP Partai Golkar Priyo Budi Santoso.

Also attend the meeting, General Chairman of PPP Suryadharma Ali, Chairman of PB NU Said Agil Siraj, and General Chairman of PP Muslimat Khofifah Indar Parawansa. Some of kiai are also attend the meeting there are KH Subadar and KH Idris Marzuki.

About that political meeting, General Secretary of DPP PDIP Pramono Anung said, PDIP always open to have a meeting with any one. "In the future PDIP will also be ready to side by side with any one," he said clearly. Including Golkar Party? "With any one," explicitly.



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